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GreenProducts for You and our Future

At MesaTech we understand where commodities are headed and what we must do as a corporation to work towards saving the environment. MesaTech offers our MesaGreen Line which has designed to fit the growing need for Eco-Friendly products throughout commodities markets. From Biodegradable plastic bags to eco-friendly containers, the MesaGreen line was designed to fit the growing green needs of consumers. We at MesaTech have always looked at our business as a green business and now we have the opportunity to offer your business the same satisfaction. Use MesaGreen products today and start saving our future.

Benefits of MesaGreen Product Line

  • In the manufacturing process, plastic bags generate 80 percent less waste than paper bags, and only consume about 18 percent as much energy.
  • When delivering the bags, the quantity of plastic bags in one truckload would require seven truckloads of paper bags.
  • Plastic bags use less than 3 percent of the fresh water necessary to make paper bags.
  • It takes about 91 percent less energy to recycle a plastic bag as it does a paper bag.
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