Credit Policy

Establishing Credit:

MesaTech requires a completed and signed credit application to establish credit terms.

Credit Limit:

A credit limit will be set at time of approval by Credit Manager. Such amounts shall be determined by individual credit worthiness and history.

Credit Limits:

All invoices shall be paid in accordance to the mutually agreed upon terms which shall be established at time of commencement. Individual agreements for freight paid or rebates will be forfeited when terms are exceeded.


MesaTech will contact the accounts payable department of their client on the first day following the last day of specified terms if payment has not been made. If, after 61 days the account has gone unpaid, interest charges of 18% per year (1.5% per month) will be accrued on all past due amounts. Any means of collection, including but not limited to legal and collection fees will be due and paid by the delinquent party. All stipulations are in accordance with Federal and State Law, as well as the provisions of the Better Business Bureau. Credit information is duly reported to Dunn and Bradstreet, TransUnion and CSC. All returns must have a return authorization number (RA#).(Please see further information on returns under "Terms & Conditions".)

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