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GreenProducts for You and our Future

At MesaTech we understand where commodities are headed and what we must do as a corporation to work towards protecting the environment. MesaTech offers our MesaGreen Line of several products designed to fit the growing need for Eco-Friendly possibilities throughout commodities markets. From plastic bags manufactured from recycled plastics to eco-friendly containers, the MesaGreen line was designed to fit the growing green needs of consumers. We at MesaTech have always consider it a responsibility to find solutions for green alternatives in our business and now we have the opportunity to offer your business the same satisfaction.

Use MesaGreen products today and start saving our future.

Benefits of MesaGreen Product Line

In the manufacturing process, plastic bags generate 80 percent less waste than paper bags, and only consume about 18 percent as much energy. These recycled “Thank You” bag offers even more, as it is manufactures from 75% recycled content. Made with Pride in the US, with 100% recyclable HDPE resin.
Plastic Bags
Our Own MPact brand of high-quality cleaners, manufactured from all biodegradable chemicals. No toxic residues left behind!
MPact Chemicals
MesaTech distributes Eco-Friendly foodservice containers. The middle layer uses 100% recycled post-consumer content providing a sturdy, lightweight package. All while being better for the environment!
Plastic Bags
Paper Straws can make a huge impact on the environment! Paper straws are biodegradable and take less time to decompose. Paper straws are much safer for Wildlife! Let us quote your business today!
Paper Straws

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